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Technical Tours


Date: Thursday, January 6, 2023

Maximum Capacity: 16 participants (note that capacity is very limited on this tour and slots will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.)

Restrictions: Attendees will be required to wear safety glasses, ESD booties, and ESD smocks (lab coats) which will be provided by Suniva upon arrival at the facility.

Tour Cost: $25.00 per person


Suniva® manufactures high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells and high power solar modules using low-cost techniques in order to make solar-generated electricity cost-competitive with fossil fuels globally and is on a mission “to make solar PV sensible.” Suniva leverages exclusive licenses to critical patents developed by founder and CTO, Dr. Ajeet Rohatgi, at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaic Research, which is funded by the Department of Energy.  Suniva is the only high-efficiency silicon cell manufacturer in the U.S. with exports of more than 90% of its production to Europe and Asia in 2009. The tour will provide a unique opportunity for conference attendees to tour through Suniva’s world-class production facility in Norcross, GA.


Thursday, January 6, 2023
2:00 p.m. Bus departs from the Cobb Galleria Centre
2:45 p.m. Tour Suniva
4:15 p.m. Bus departs for the Cobb Galleria Centre Centre
5:00 p.m. Bus arrives at the Cobb Galleria Centre