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Technical Tours


Date: Tuesday, January 4, 2023

Maximum Capacity: 50 participants

Restrictions: None

Tour Cost: $35.00 per person


InterfaceFLOR is the worldwide leader in design, production and sales of environmentally-responsible modular carpet for the commercial, institutional, and residential markets, and a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial broadloom. Following the leadership of their founder, Ray C. Anderson, Interface has made it their mission to achieve zero environmental footprint by 2020, while producing the most fashionable, high performing and environmentally well-rounded products in the industry.

The visit to InterfaceFLOR will include a tour of the Ray C. Anderson (RCA) manufacturing plant in West Point, GA, which uses patented technology to efficiently tuft yarn and recapture the excess, significantly diminishing waste. This manufacturing operation incorporates significant technical and environmental breakthroughs, including the patented system of portable creels and reclamation equipment, as well as skylights and metal screens to maximize sunlight and reduce energy usage. The next stop on the tour will be the Kyle I plant which is the original manufacturing facility for InterfaceFLOR and is now home to the administration and backing operation. The plant is partially powered by methane gas from a local landfill, and receives tufted product from RCA to back, cut and inspect before preparing for shipment. In this facility, the tour will discuss the GlasBac® backing system and why it’s the most specified backing in the world, as well as the Cool Blue™ backing process, which uses post-industrial and post-consumer materials to create GlasBac®RE, one of the highest recycled content backings in the industry.


Tuesday, January 4, 2023
10:30 a.m. Bus departs from the Cobb Galleria Centre
12:00 p.m. Lunch and Interface Introduction
12:45 p.m. Tour Ray C. Anderson Plant
1:15 p.m. Bus departs the Ray C. Anderson Plant
1:45 p.m. Tour Kyle Plant
2:15 p.m. Bus departs for the Cobb Galleria Centre
3:45 p.m. Bus arrives at the Cobb Galleria Centre