Technical Tours

Working With Small Business—Success Stories

Agiltron and NeuroLogica Corporation

Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2022
Maximum Capacity: 24 participants per day
Tour Cost: $25.00 per person
The Working with Small Business tour will showcase some of the exciting developments at two Massachusetts small businesses Agiltron and NeuroLogica. Both firms have leveraged academic relationships that are highlights of both companies’ success stories.

Agiltron: Participants of this tour will gain insight into a small technology business product manufacturing and R&D facility. Agiltron, Inc., a manufacturer of photonic systems and components for the mass market, is leader in the market of optical switches, high-power optical components, variable optical attenuators, time controls and optical polarization, molded infrared lenses, infrared detectors, and Raman spectrometers. With a world-class team of serial entrepreneurs and veteran engineers, the company developed a unique ability to produce un-matched solutions in combination with cost-effective manufacturing and currently holds over 40 issued or pending US patents for its products. The visit to Agiltron will include a tour of their company headquarters in Woburn, MA, including the touring of facilities dedicated to electro-optic device assembly, optical spectrometer manufacturing, infrared detector processing and testing, and nano-materials processing. The tour will be rounded off by a presentation on Agiltron’s venture and its successes.

NeuroLogica Corporation, located in Danvers, Massachusetts, is producer of innovative medical imaging equipment for private practices and healthcare facilities worldwide. Established in 2004, their expertise ranges from conceiving, designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of imaging systems including ultrasound, PET, CT, MRI and radiation therapy. Launched in 2005, one of their renowned products is the CereTom system, which is in use in emergency rooms, stroke centers, clinics, intensive care units and neurosurgical operating rooms. One of the company’s most recent developments in portable computed tomography imaging is the BodyTom, a full body, portable, 32 slice CT that claims an impressive 85cm gantry and 60cm field of view. The tour of NeuroLogica’s facilities will showcase state-of-the-art product manufacturing from the small business perspective, incorporating disciplines such as materials science, product design, manufacturing engineering and beyond. Product demos in to-scale hospital operating rooms and patient suites will demonstrate the issues that must be considered during the product development process, while production facilities will show the inner workings of complex medical devices. Collaboration with academia, one of NeuroLogica’s strengths, will also be discussed.
Tuesday, July 10, 2022
1:55 pm Depart from Hynes Convention Center
2:30 pm Arrive at Agiltron
2:30 — 2:45pm Presentation at Agiltron
2:45 — 3:00pm Tour of Agiltron
3:30 pm Depart Agiltron
3:50 pm Arrive at NeuroLogica
3:50 — 4:45 pm Tour of NeuroLogica
4:50 pm Depart NeuroLogica and return to Hynes Convention Center
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