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Submit a Paper and Highlight

* The deadline to submit a paper and a highlight has passed *

All CMMI grantees are requested to submit a technical paper and highlight for the conference proceedings. Technical papers and highlights will be submitted through an online system, which you can access using the link at the bottom of this page. All papers and highlights must be submitted by April 1, 2022.


Technical papers must be submitted in Adobe PDF format.


NSF program officers are asked each year to provide a sampling of research highlights derived from research that they have funded. It is therefore important that PIs provide these highlights to their Program Officers.

Submission of highlights is one way that PIs can gain credit and notoriety for the research they perform. Highlights are posted on the NSF Web site and submitted to Congress as examples of the work NSF supports.


To be useful, highlights must be submitted in a format that provides both clarity and detail; and they must be in a language that is grammatically correct and can be understood at the high school level. In preparation of highlights, please take time to carefully select words. Sloppily prepared materials cannot be used.

The format for highlights allows for detailed descriptions, and need not fit on a single PowerPoint slide. Brevity is still important, but clarity and detail are also emphasized. Since deviations from the needed format may render the highlight unusable, you will be asked to input the following information and the system will auto-generate your highlight for you. For your own ease, please prepare the following information before logging into the online submission system:

* Indicates that these fields have a 1500 character limit.