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2008 NSF Engineering Research and Innovation Conference

About the Conference

This premier National Science Foundation (NSF) conference, sponsored by the Division of Civil, Mechanical, and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI), focuses on research and education across the Division’s programs. The Division funds research on topics and issues that span civil, mechanical, and industrial engineering; engineering design; and manufacturing. The Division also focuses on the reduction of risks induced by earthquakes and other natural and technological hazards. With an anticipated attendance of 1,000 people from academe, industry, and government, the 2008 conference content will be centered on the theme Innovation through Engineering and will highlight the research of CMMI grantees and their students. Conference activities will include more than 500 poster presentations, and plenary and breakout sessions on funding opportunities and proposal writing briefed by NSF program directors, research needs, opportunities, and best practices. The conference also provides an excellent opportunity for networking with other researchers and participants to develop collaborative efforts.